Who Are We?

Total Life Training Center-NFP:  Is a Not-For-Profit -501c-3 Organization (as sanctioned by the United States Internal Revenue Service): Our mission is to provide individuals, churches, businesses, and communities with training, direction, and services that meet their Total Life Needs; (Body, Mind, Spirit). Our belief is that all three of these basic needs are achieved through the teaching and application of Biblical principles and belief in the Lord Jesus Christ. 

Our Mission

Total Life Training Center provides Educational training, Community and Project learning opportunities, Event learning and activities in the following areas to develop and improve your life:

  • Financial Skills
  • Communication Skills
  • Marriage/Marital Skills
  • Employment/Job Skills
  • Business/Management Skills
  • Physical Fitness Skills
  • Parenting Skills
  • Community Engagement Skills
  • Biblical Application Skills

 Total Life Training Center will provide:

Quality Service, Training and Consideration: Meeting the Total need.

Honesty, Integrity, Truth, and Professionalism.

Biblical Knowledge & Practical Application; to meet the Total needs of those we serve.

Current Product Knowledge and Current day Application: to meet the Total needs of those we serve.

Our Commitment

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