About Crystal

Crystal Pippins, together with her husband are the founders of Total Life Training Center, Non-Profit Organization. Crystal is the original designer and director of the Total Life Training physical fitness program. She developed the original fitness routines and exercise plans when the organization started back in 2002.

She has led and organized all the activities and has been involved in all aspects of the Life Skills Training and Christian Counseling. Crystal earned an A.A degree and Professional Certifications from the University of Phoenix, Tabernacle Christian University (Goldsboro, N.C.), Hudson Valley College, (NY), and Antonelli Medical School, (PA). She is a CPT (Certified Physical Trainer) and life-long Learner and Teacher.

Crystal R. Pippins


Crystal & Henry

Crystal’s heart and passion is to help people, especially to gain a true knowledge of the Lord Jesus Christ: This is the catalyst behind her twenty plus years of service, leadership and inspiration for the Total Life Training, Non-Profit Organization that she continues to lead. 

In addition, Crystal has been involved in Christian Ministry for almost 40 years. She has also been the wife of the Reverend Dr. Henry J. Pippins Jr. for over 30 years. She has served as Co-Pastor and Associate Minister in Christian Churches in Pennsylvania, Connecticut, New York, Seattle, WA, Chicago/Joliet, IL, St. Augustine, FL, and Indianapolis, IN


Crystal has also, most recently authored the 2018 book, detailing her life lessons, entitled “When Life Dangles You a Carrotwhich can be ordered on Amazon.com. She is in the process of writing and producing a sequel to this book, which will be published in the upcoming year. Crystal is also the mother of three children, Caretaker to a sibling and daughter, Grandmother to twelve and great grandmother to seven. 

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